Identity Theft Season

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Tax season is *high season for identity theft...and Nevada ranks second in the nation when it comes to the number of victims.
From now, until April 17th...we'll be gathering stacks and stacks of papers for our taxes.
All those papers have our personal information...and we hope we're giving them to the right people.
During tax time, *even H & R block employees have had problems with identity theft.
Just as your information is on your is your tax preparer's.
Looking at the types of I-D theft in Reno...*mail theft, as well as dumpster diving, and burglary are at the top of the list.
Police say all thieves are looking for is commit fraud.
Most common being credit, bank, phone or utilities.
Often times, when police get an identity theft case...they'll trace back that ID, only to find's another theft victim.
So, short of catching them in the act...most of these suspects rarely get arrested.