Tracy Combined Cycle Plant On Line

While Sierra Pacific opened its doors for us to the new Tracy Combined Cycle Plant, a lot of promises were made, including the promise that your bill will be higher because customers are paying for the plant and the fuel that powers this plant is at all time highs.

Michael Yackira is from Sierra Pacific Resources:

"Rates are likely going to go up because natural gas prices are going" up."

While your power bill won't be going down anytime soon because of this plant, Sierra Pacific still views this state of the art facility as a positive in the long run for consumers, the environment, and efficiency.

Cutting the chain at the plant signified cutting the dependence northern Nevadans have had on energy generated from somewhere else. Sometimes at a higher price. Sierra Pacific says this plant will produce enough energy for us with one-third less fuel than our other plants. IT also uses less water and with a a heat recovery system generators can capture and reuse waste heat.

"This kind of power plant is like buying a car that gets more miles per gallon. Power plants like this need fewer molecules of natural gas to produce the same amount of electricity." says Yackira

Yackira says the plant gives Sierra Pacific more flexibility. If power can be purchased at a lower cost elsewhere, the company can buy it, but this plant can meet 85-percent of Northern Nevada's needs the company says which means the company won't have to resort to buying power at a higher rate than it can produce on its own.

Sierra Pacific serves 366,000 electric customers.
The plant will cost those customers $467 Million Dollars.