Hannah Montana Commercials Filmed In Reno

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A local production company is making big strides. FLF films, based out of Reno, recently won the contract to shoot and produce five Hannah Montana television commercials for Disney. The commercials will help advertise for dolls based on the internationally recognized show.

It will take about 50 dolls, 40 people, and about half a million dollars to make five Hannah Montana commercials in a week, and that's only the beginning.

It starts with a concept...a storyboard that laid out each and every movement. Then two hand models and two toy stylists who turn plastic Hannah Montana dolls into realistic-looking figures that transform on the big screen.

Director Jerry Dugan started FLF films in the 1980's. At that time, snow boarding videos were his specialty. He says he never guessed he'd end up here.

"You know, I didn't sit back ten years ago and say 'oh it'd be nice to transition from snow board films to toy commercials in Reno.' No, I got into commercials and then one thing led to another," said Dugan.

It led to an extremely successful business that produces commercials for nationally and internationally recognized toys.

Dugan says although you may have never guessed it, most of his work takes place in Reno. He says while many of his clients are from out of town, when it comes to hiring, local people are always first.

"Our production department, you know, the caterer, all come right out of Reno. It puts money into the community. Instead of taking it to LA or Vancouver or somewhere else, we're spending money right here," he said.

Dugan's producer says his going rate to direct a film is about $10,000 dollars a day...hard to believe that kind of success even exists in the Truckee Meadows.

With each and every person paid for their work on set, and each movement taking hours, sometimes days...it's hard to tell that the outside economy is facing troubles.

Dugan says five years from now, he hopes his company has grown even bigger...but for now, he's living a dream.

"Hannah Montana is huge right now. As a brand, as a star, as a show, as a media figure," said Dugan.

You can look for the commercials on major cable and kids networks across the country, starting this fall.