Ballardini Ranch Purchase Delayed

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Washoe County commissioners have delayed action on a
35 (m) million bond issue to buy the Ballardini Ranch in southwest Reno.
Commissioners postponed the action, saying it would allow more
time for negotiations with the owner and possibly avoid a
condemnation trial set to begin in May.
Finance Director John Sherman added that more time is needed to
prepare a resolution and other bond documents.
Commissioners are scheduled to reconsider the issue April 11th.
The 1,000-acre ranch is the last piece of open land at the base
of Mount Rose and is owned by Evans Creek LLC, a Minnesota-based
development company.
County officials want to condemn the property to preserve it as
open space.
An appraisal by the county valued the land at 30 (m) million
dollars, but an appraisal by Evans Creek valued it at more than
three times that much.