High School Students Protest Immigration Bill

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The rally began as something of a grassroots movement...with a modern twist. Sending text messages...these students from high schools across the area knew to walk out of class and gather at Neil Road and Peckham to begin the march to the Federal Courthouse in downtown Reno.

These students -- many of them not US citizens themselves -- are upset with the bill that passed congress: HR4437. It states that people who try to illegally cross into this country would be charged with a felony.

Jesse Gutierrez, the executive director of Nevada Hispanic Services says that's a bad idea...and that the US and local economy would take a hit without those workers.

Gutierrez says he is more in favor of something like the bill Senators McCain and Kennedy have proposed...that would allow immigrants to become eligible for permanent residency after working here for 6 years.

Simultaneously this afternoon, roughly 300 Carson High School students held a similar protest and march.

According to the sheriff's office, a number of people complained about traffic congestion, but otherwise, it was a peaceful and well-behaved demonstration.

The US House of Representatives approved one version of the Immigration bill late last year. Tomorrow, the full Senate is scheduled to begin its own debates.