Premature Labor Query

Dawn Baugh-Fullen is expecting twins...but it hasn't been an easy pregnancy. She's been in and out of the hospital experiencing pre-labor..doctors are trying to get the babies as close to due date as possible,
" We were told that we would only carry until 30-weeks so getting to 33 is a huge accomplishment" says Dawn.
Multiple births automatically put a mom at high risk for deliverying babies early. But every year babies are born dramatically early...22-to-24 weeks gestitation with no known explanation. Which means terrific complications, under developed lungs and other organs, and possible developmental problems as they get older--that's if they make it at all.
The University of Nevada School of Medicine's Dr. Iain Buxton talks about the emotional drain on the family and health care dollars. ": In the neonatal intensive care unit for three to six months before they can come home. Their medical bills are in the millions of dollars "
Since 19-88 Dr. Iain Buxton has been looking into the problem of premature delivery by studying uterine muscle. Here at the school he along with under graduate students and P-h-D candidates are testing uterine muscle donated by local mothers who have just given birth. In these tiny vials that muscle is stretched to simulate a uterus under stress from pregnancy. Researchers pump various solutions into the chamber to see how the muscle relaxes. But Dr. Buxton says that's only part of the puzzle. Because the uterine muscle is so unique...researchers must also see if its positive response has a negative impact on other parts of the body..including that of the developing baby. Dr. Buxton says there's a great mystery surrounding when the delivery date actually occurs. Who really decides? " If babies don't decide centrally through their neuro tissues what
the timing of pregnancy is. Then is it an interaction between the fetus and mother?. There are many theories and many productive scientific iscoveries that have been made, but nobody knows yet what the answer is."