Paying For Prom

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Sarah Robertson says the ordeal began months ago making appointments and picking out the perfect dress.
"My dress was $400. Dinner was $50. My hair was $45. My nails were $30. My makeup was $25. The boutonniere was $15... each person paid $50 for the limo..."

The total: $615.
And, that doesn't include the 60-dollar ticket, and the money spent by her date for a tux and flowers.

But, she Sophomore, Meagan Eng, says Robertson is not any different than most teens.
"Everybody goes to every store because you want to get the most original one you can because you don't want to show up to Prom in the same dress."

But, paying for the prom isn't always possible.
That's how Aly's Prom Closet, at Parklane Mall, began.

Sarheatra Jones is a Senior at Halima Academy.
She says picking out a dress at Aly's is exciting.
"I chose this dress because it's cinderella like. It's not like everybody else's dress like if you go to a ball or something."

Students are referred by their high school counselors to Aly's where they can get the whole deal: a dress, tux, shoes, make-up, accessories... everything needed to make the night perfect.

They even get flowers thanks to unlimited donations by owners at a local shop.
Steven Craig, with Briarwood Finer Flowers in Reno, says they actually knew the young woman for whom the store is named after she was killed in a car accident in 2001.
"Aly Christiansen was a client of ours. She was a student at Manogue high and we did all of her boutonnieres actually for her dates and just fell in love with her and her mom has been a friend ever since... it's fun. We all had our proms and did our thing and it's such a big joyous time in our kid's life."

You can make a donation to Aly's Prom Shop on Thursday or Saturdays at the store or just drop off items at the Parklane Mall office.