Water Rate Hike

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Bob Lissener is a developer with Lifestyle Homes, and he is a resident of Cold Springs.
He says the area is only growing.
"We built about 1200 new homes, have about 800 to go. Other developers have built about 500 new homes in the last couple of years. There's a new middle school that will open in August. We built one new park, we're building a second, making plans for a third. There's a new fire station and we believe we're getting a YMCA."

Needless to say, Cold Springs is growing and residents say a slowdown isn't expected anytime soon.
But, with growth comes the need for resources.

Claudia Van Lydegraf remembers when she first moved out to Cold Springs.
She says there were only 800 homes then.
"There's just a lot of things not happening if we're going to be sustaining this kind of growth. One of those things is the water company. It's trying to re-coup their cost. Well, the builder is already paying. So, why are we having to re-pay it?"

Lissener, a local developer, says he does pay more, but he also says he would like to see a higher rate for those who use more water than necessary during the summer.
"Well, TMWA's rates are 4 times as high right now and will only be 3 times as high if this rate increase goes through. I don't believe the rate increase should go through, but if it does, it's still very inexpensive water."

Utilities, Inc. of Nevada asked the public utilities commission of Nevada for a 26.5-percent rate increase this year that would affect all metered rates and usage changes.
The company says the increase is designed to recover costs for maintaining operations, especially with the area's growth.

But, it's the state's public utilities commission that regulates utility rates and has yet to approve or deny this request.
They say consumer meetings give the public the chance to air any complaints, in general, about the water company.

The public utilities commission will have it's next evidentiary hearing in June and a decision is expected before the beginning of August when the new rate increase is planned to go into effect.