Anti-Smoking Measure Pushed Again

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A coalition of health organizations that's been snubbed twice by the Nevada Legislature began a campaign today to pass a ballot measure that would ban smoking in most public places in the state.
The Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act headed for the November ballot
would forbid smoking in public places where children are present,
including restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, retail
stores, video arcades and government buildings.
It's backed by the group called Nevadans for Tobacco-Free Kids.
It would not ban smoking in casinos, where children are
prohibited, but would forbid lighting up in restaurants and shops
inside casino resorts.
The head of the American Gaming Association, Frank Fahrenkopf
(FAR'-en-kof), says the casino industry opposes anti-smoking
measures and instead favors improving air filtering technology.
As he puts it, "Our industry serves both smoking and nonsmoking
customers and it's our job to ensure that both these populations
have an experience that meets or exceeds their expectations."