Lottery Enrollment

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The Board of Directors just wrapped up a three-hour meeting tonight at the school.
They decided to change the lottery process, when it comes to enrollment, which angered several parents.
Kids currently enrolled in the preschool...will be assured nineteen slots next year for kindergarten.
In the future, they will be guaranteed twenty spots.
Five open spaces will be left for parents, who have siblings in the school, but whose children aren't enrolled in the pre-school.
Those parents will compete in a lottery, with other parents, who want their kids to start kindergarten next year at Montessori.
Here's where it gets interesting...
Tonight's decision contradicts the 2001 "No Child Left Behind Act."
That federal law prohibits private pre-schools...from giving preferential treatment to students, when it comes to enrollment.
But...the Montessori school stands, by the fact, when it got its charter four years wasn't classified as a private pre-school.
Reaction from parents tonight was mixed.
The board will hold another meeting in about a month.
It will decide if the parents, who have siblings in the school, will be given first crack at those open spaces.
Again, otherwise, the lottery would be open to the *all parents who want their kids to start kindergarten there.
There *is a possibility that tonight's decision...violates charter school guidelines.
A Washoe County district employee was at tonight's meeting...but wouldn't comment on the vote, until she further reviews all the policies and procedures regarding charter schools.