Guinn Back From Iraq

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While polls show faltering public support for
the Iraq war, Governor Guinn says his backing of Bush administration efforts in the Middle East increased following his trip last week to Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait.
The Republican governor was one of four governors to visit U-S
troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and Kuwait. The trip was organized
by the State Department and Department of Defense.
Guinn says he didn't go to the Middle East with the idea of
coming back to justify the war. He says he went there to help boost
morale of Nevada soldiers stationed there.
Guinn also says he saw major reconstruction and other signs of
progress in Baghdad that he didn't think had been depicted in the
news here,
The governor also talked about meetings with many Nevada
soldiers, some top U.S. military leaders, and with Afghan President
Hamid Karzai.
He described a tour of a girls' school in Afghanistan that was
in such poor shape that he was considering organizing an effort to
send pens, paper and other supplies there.