Colon cancer awareness month

If you've lived in Reno for any amount of time you know these two guys.
Tom Dolan and Steve Katzman of Reno Toyota could easily be described as the Mutt and Jeff of local commercials.
Steve Katzman says he plays the goofy guy. Katzmann says he gets a lot of feedbaack about the ads. "People really like them, they enjoy my humor and my witiness and being a goof ball."
But about three years ago Katzmann's silliness turned to seriousness..when he says he noticed some signs of colon cancer.
" I was nervous about what they might find."
At 55-he knew he was due for a colonscopy...about five years overdue. But with the encouragement of his wife and friends, he went in for the diagnostic test
A colonoscopy is designed to inspect the entire length of the colon. The flexible tube has a fiber optic video camera and a light. Instruments are used to grab cells samples as well as remove polyps that may be growing in the colon wall--once those polyps are removed there is no chance of them developing into cancer.
Katzmann says believe it or not the worst part about his procedure, the takes about a day to cleanse the colon.
Dr. George Vagujhely a Gastroenterologist with Digestive Health Associates says colonoscopy has been a great tool in the fight against colon cancer and there have been great medications to get patients through it. Prepping however is another story."Yea, the cleansing is the toughest part. Unfortunately we haven't come up with anything easier that cleans people out. You just try to convince people that this is in their best interest, just like mammograms or pap smears."
Because of the results from Katzmann's first colonoscopy, he had to have another one a year later...doctors again found benign polyps removed them...and now he doesn't have to go back until next year. Katzmann says with his personality the subject of colon cancer and colonscopy is something he will not shy away from talking about. " My colonoscopy if I can help someone, take them over the edge make sure they get a colonoscopy then then I am happy to do it.