Reno Fly Shop to Return in April

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RENO, NV - The Truckee River is home to some trophy-sized trout any angler would be happy to catch. But hooking one has been more difficult in recent years because of the disappearance of a local fly shop.

Like any patch of water, fishing the Truckee is all about knowing how and where to do it.

"Right here we have a confluence of two streams coming together and you'll have a lot of seams and deep pockets in here, and the fish will like to sit in these seams," said Joe Kulikowski, a former Reno Fly Shop employee.

Developing a knowledge of the river takes a lifetime. For years, the occasional Reno fisherman would visit Dave Stanley at the Reno Fly Shop.

"It was a place that you could go. Find out information of what was happening in the local fisheries," said Jim Litchfield

But in 2010, the economy had done its damage and Dave was worn out. He decided to close the shop, leaving anglers with few options, Until now.

"I think people are going to have a really good time with the service we are going to provide," said Litchfield.

Jim Litchfield is a long time friend of Dave's, and customer of the shop. In the last year, Jim and a former employee of the shop have been working to re-open it.

"All the guys that worked there had a great knowledge base and were willing to share it and it's more of a culture than it is just to pick up flies and gear," said Kulikowski.

"If we can replicate a part of those we will be pretty far down the road of success," said Litchfield.

The shop will have a new location within sight of the Truckee River on South Arlington. It will offer gear and guides, but most importantly it will have the knowledge of people who fish these waters every day.

The Reno Fly Shop plans to open its doors on April 15th at 238 S. Arlington Ave.