Doctors Rock Reno With Benefit Concert

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Dozens of doctors got the chance to live a dream and contribute to two local charities while doing it.

It was all part of the first "Rockin Docs Medical Music Fest," a truly unique concert with an unusual venue.

A place usually filled with quiet, but competitive golfers was rocking hard on Saturday night, as hundreds of music fans and doctors-turned-musicians transformed Reno's Wolf Run Golf Club into a rocker's paradise.

"The big thing for us is we get to enjoy all of this. Whereas, a lot of times in medicine, there's ups and downs and here we can just come and have a good time and enjoy ourselves and know that everything is for a good cause."

Doctor Rick Gonzalez is also a member of "Delusions of Grandeur," one of the four bands who performed on Saturday night. He and organizers like Doctor Louis Bonaldi, were hoping to raise $15 thousand for UNR's School of Medicine and the Renown Medical Center.

"We thought: 'you know what?' There are a lot of great bands out there. Lets put something together that could have a benefit to other people and showcase some of the doctors' talent and bring some good to people in another way," says Bonaldi, a rocker/doctor.

Even though their approach was considerably different from the one you see inside the operating room, these doctors insist the goal is still the same.

"It kinda goes hand-in-hand with what we do and giving back is kinda what doctors do," says Bonaldi.

In order to raise enough money, organizers charged $18 a head and those four bands played for about four hours.

Everyone involved says they're looking to make this an annual tradition.

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