Bullying at School and Home

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The affidavit for the search warrant states the 14-year old: "... described being putdown by his brother, his brother's friends and his father for being "stupid". (He) indicated he believed this would continue and get worse when he got in high school. He was very upset over this treatment and did not want it to continue."

The documents say the teenager was tired of others making fun of him and was determined to make sure it stopped.
Katherine Loudon, the violence prevention coordinator for the school district, says there are risk factors, possibly even serious sibling rivalry at home can lead to problems for kids.

"Sometimes parents think, oh that's ok if they're just fighting, if they're just beating up on each other. He's just teasing his brother, that's normal like kids would do. Violence is violence and it's not a healthy, normal part of development of our days."
The violence coordinator says families need to understand that while they can't always control the behavior of their kids, they need to provide an environment that encourages positive choices because your child can be on either end of bullying.

"A family needs to be in a very safe place and if we don't want violence in our own lives, we don't want it in our kid's lives and that means from their brother and sister as well."

In an interview with the police, documents say the teenager began formulating a plan to shoot and kill other students.
It states he said he researched the Columbine High School shooting on the internet and this further inspired him to go forward with the shooting.