Pine Middle School Shooting Follow

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Reno Police Department says they have learned more about 14-year old James S. Newman because of interviews with his family, friends, and even the young teen himself.
Detectives with the Reno Police Department say they are now investigating further into the intent of this 14-year old when he started shooting at his middle school Tuesday morning.

Investigators say they found notes in James Scott Newman's locker they say that were a bit cryptic, but they wouldn't get into any of the details.
They also say they found sketches that, according to the investigators, depict the teenager's contemplation of killing others.

Wednesday afternoon, Dick Gammick, the district attorney, talked about what's required to try a juvenile as an adult.
"Intent to shoot does not qualify. An intent to kill is what we need to be able to prove for attempted murder. So, we're looking at that now."

And, that could make all the difference as to whether the teen is tried as an adult or a juvenile.
Police say they have spoken with Newman's friends and family; some school officials told police they would characterize the teen as a 'generally unhappy person.'

But, police say it becomes serious when they say he decided to follow through with his plan of attack to harm other students.