Match Day

Fourth year medical students Sarah Bleeker and Scott King are engaged...but that's not why they're hugging each other. Today on match day they've discovered they will both do their residencies, together in Maine. Bleeker says it wasn't her first choice but, " I think it worked out of the best and I'm very happy with where we ended up." Standing next to his fiancee Scott King believes this is a great opportunity. " I grew up in Alaska so I really like the colder areas and being by the ocean. It is a very nice program and good people so we are very happy."
Students scramble for the list that connects residency, town, and applicant.
Scenes like this one were going on at medical schools across the country today. Medical students apply with residency programs and try to "match" their top choices. Some will be headed to orthopedic programs, others. pediatrics. They may be staying here in Nevada, or as in Sarah and Scott's case...all the way to Maine.
Its an exciting and exhausting day, and for administrators here a barometer as to how well they prepare the medical students to take on the next phase of their careers.
" What we hear from programs is once they've had our students they want to have more of our students. They like the preparation they come in with their clinical preparedness as well as their professionalism. I think it speaks volumes about what we are doing here at the school, " says Dr. Cheryl Hug.
Dr. Hug says behind the smiles and hugs there's also an unspoken message here for the second and third year student here. I made my dream can you.