Man Attempts To Rob Armored Truck With Explosive Device

At approx. 12:21pm today Officers of the Reno Police Department responded to 10500 N. McCarran Blvd. the SaveMart in regards to Defendant Walery threatening the Security personnel of A.T. Systems Armored vehicle with an explosive device. Upon arrival security from the armored vehicle had the Defendant at gun point seated in a patio chair in front of SaveMart. At this time the Defendant was taken into custody and a device was located on the ground in front of the armored vehicle.

It was learned at this time that the Defendant had approached the driver of the armored vehicle and told him he had a bomb and to give him the money in the armored vehicle. The Defendant then placed the device on the hood of the truck threatening the security officers that it is a bomb.

At this time the SaveMart and surrounding stores were closed and the area secured for safety awaiting the Consolidated Bomb Squad’s response. Upon arrival the Bomb Technician shot the device with a water cannon in place revealing that the device was not a bomb but some sort of electronic equipment.

The Defendant 39-year old Tyler Walery of Mesquite, Nevada was arrested for Attempted Robbery with an explosive.