Douglas County Sheriff’s Arrest Three Individuals Involved In Distribution Of Meth.

Friday 7-11-08, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Street Enforcement Team (DCSET) arrested three individuals involved in the distribution of methamphetamine. All three of the individuals have criminal histories including prior arrests for trafficking of methamphetamine. The arrests were the end of a short-term investigation conducted jointly by DCSET and the Tri-Net Task Force.

Arrested were Maude Marie Cox, 50 years of age and her husband Kevin Leo Cox, 47 years of age who live in the 3500 block of Cherokee Drive in Jacks Valley. Also arrested was Melissa Sue Miller, 38 years of age who lives on South Court in Gardnerville. All three were arrested at the Cherokee Drive home of Mr. and Mrs. Cox.

Maude and Kevin Cox were both charged with trafficking in methamphetamine and conspiracy to violate the uniformed controlled substance act. There bails were set at $25,000 for Maude Cox and $10,000 for Kevin Cox.

Melissa Miller was charged with possession of methamphetamine and she was also charged with credit card fraud and burglary from a separate investigation. Miller’s bail was set at $250,000.

The sheriff’s office had been experiencing a lull in methamphetamine activity over the past several months, however, methamphetamine seems to be making a comeback locally.