Prison May Lose License Plate Factory

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The state Department of Motor Vehicles chief says a license plate factory should be moved out of the Nevada State Prison -- where the plates have been made since 1928.
Director Ginny Lewis told a legislative study panel that she's
concerned about costs of running the factory in the prison and the
safety of her employees. She says an employee at the factory was
shot in 1999 and that the state would save 600-thousand dollars by
moving the factory away from the prison.
Motorists pay an extra 50 cents on each plate they buy, which
goes into a fund for prison industries. Howard Skolnik, who runs
the prison industries program, says all inmate work programs would
be devastated with the loss of the 50-cent fee.
Members of the lawmaker's Prison Industries Committee members
aren't responding favorably to Lewis.
Assemblyman John Marvel says he'd hate to see anything happen to
the program. He says he believes that prison industries save
taxpayers --quote-- a whole lot more than 600-thousand dollars."