Guinn Visits Troops In Iraq

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Governor Guinn, one of four governors visiting U-S troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and Kuwait this week, says the trip has been an eye-opener for him.
Guinn, who wore body armor and a helmet during low-flying
helicopter flights over Baghdad, says he met with many Nevada
soldiers and some top U-S military leaders, and saw signs of
extensive rebuilding in the battle-torn area.
The Republican governor, speaking by telephone from Kuwait, said
his itinerary also includes a trip to Afghanistan, where he and the
other governors are to meet with Afghan President Hamid Karzai.
Scheduled meetings with other leaders included one with General
George Casey, the top U-S military officer in Iraq.
Guinn says he met with soldiers from Las Vegas, Boulder City,
Elko, Carson City, Lake Tahoe and elsewhere in Nevada during his
trip, which began with an unannounced flight from the U-S on Sunday
and will end this weekend.
The governor says that as commander-in-chief of Nevada's
National Guard units it was important for him to make the trip -
one encouraged by the Bush administration for all the nation's
governors. So far, 14 governors have made the tour.