Finishing Touches are Made on New South Reno Mall

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The Summit Sierra shopping center is going to have big name retailers that have previously never been in Reno before: Banana Republic, Abercrombie and Fitch, Pottery Barn, and the anchor Department Store, Dillard's.

In total, it's a 100-million dollar project. This first phase that will open on Wednesday covers 700-thousand square feet.

There's been some concern expressed that an outdoor style mall doesn't fit with the Northern Nevada climate.

But that didn't seem to matter to shoppers we talked to. In fact, they see the benefits of being able to drive right up to the store you want to shop.

Anchoring the shopping mall is a Dillard's Department store. They had what's called a "soft opening" over the weekend for the public. Ever since then, the store and the parking lot has been filled with shoppers.

Ladies -- you probably don't need another reason to shop, but earlier today, the store manager let me know that this store carries over 50-thousand different pairs of women's shoes!