Dentists Go Digital

Jack Liddon is at Sala Family Dentistry for a root canal. He's had them before over the years.
But this time around dentists will use digital xrays to diagnosis and repair the problem. Liddon says he likes the new method. "Any time I can get out of here quicker it is better."
Instead of film, doctors use an electronic pad to take the xray...with traditional xrays you hear a long buzz...with digital a fraction of the second, which is why patients are exposed to less radiation with digital
Dr. Todd Sala says its a time saving method but there's even more reasons to go digital. "Time is a big deal, and radiation, with digital xrays a patient's exposure to radiation is 80-to-90-percent less than traditional x rays."
Dr. Sala says he can manipulate the image's contrast to better identify the problem.
Instead of waiting 20-minutes for development the digital x rays are finished in a fraction of the time. Which means less time in chair for patients. Offices using digital x rays don't have to worry about purchasing or disposing chemicals associated with development..which means they are safer for the employees and environment. As more and more dental offices move to digital, sharing information about patients will get easier as well. If a specialist needs to be called in, he or she won't have to wait for the x-rays to be delivered to the office. Dr. Sala says in the future expect almost seamless communication between professionals and patient with the help of digital xrays.. " Instead of sending them physically over there we can email it to them they can use it as a diagnostic and that's the best part about it so that he doesn't the patient doesn't have to go through multiple x rays."