Winter Driving

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John Hesse, a local insurance agent for Farmer's Insurance, says he sees almost a 25-percent increase of fender-bender claims during the winter months.
He says drivers always tell him they should have known better, yet he says it continues to happen year after year.

"It's tough because the car is usually un-drivable. It's towed somewhere.... It's usually, if they're not in the hospital, it's the frustration of getting the car back, paying their deductible which is usually 500-to-1000-dollars."

He says his clients are frustrated because, as we all understand, the weather can change quickly in Northern Nevada.
Hesse also says he does see more accidents involving one type of vehicle.
"It's the four-wheel-drive mentality that I can drive in these conditions. And, it does get you going better, but it doesn't stop you any better."

The drivers we spoke with agree, saying it's hard to change plans.. especially during the weekend or during the week when you need to get to work.

Gwen Taft, from Citrus Heights, California, says she drove up with her husband and grandkids to play in the snow.
She says she is always more careful when they hit the interstate through the Sierra.
"We listened to the news this morning, ABC, and we found out that it was clear sailing. We didn't need any chains, we brought them just in case because you never know."

Claudia Waters, from Truckee, California, says she's used to driving in the snowy conditions.
But, she also knows confidence can hurt.
"Underneath, you know, this last storm it was all icy. So, you really had to go slow, and there's still some spots in Truckee where you have to do that."

Hesse agrees, saying the clients he sees who did get in a fender bender all realize it could easily be avoided.