It Takes a Village

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Almost 1,300 middle and high school students spent their day at the University of Nevada Saturday afternoon, and no one was allowed to speak their native language.

Michelle Hoyt, with the University's foreign language department, says the joint effort was a long time in the making.
"We wanted to give the Washoe County School District kids an opportunity to use their language skills. There isn't much opportunity out there for them to do that. We wanted to take it out of the academic realm and put it in a more 'real life' situation to show them that it is a useful skill to have."

The "Polyglot Village" immersed the students in a comfortable setting that encouraged each one to speak the foreign language they're studying at school.
The joint effort by the university and the Washoe County School District allows the students to consider what it's like to be able to communicate with more people.