Twins more common than ever

Dawn Baugh Fullen says she likes to read. Pregnant with twins she's had plenty of time to crack the books.
She's been in and out of the hospital during this pregnancy trying to get them as close to due date as possible.
With a family history of twins...she says she received a lot of helpful advise.
"One is the color coding, if they are identical then you won't know whose bottle is whose, whose toothbrush is whose, to do one of them like blue and one of them green."
The twin boys Orion and Kael probably won't be as out of the ordinary as you think.
According to national statistics, an epidemic of twins began in the mid- 19-90s and hasn't stopped. Overall experts say one-third of this epidemic is attributed to fertility treatment. Another third is because older mothers are having babies, and they run a higher risk of multiple births.
The impact on the parents themselves economically, physically, and emotionally are obvious.
But according to obstetricians a lot of medical resources can go into just bringing twins into the world. Dr. Joseph Harris specializes in high risk pregnancies. " Multiple gestations increase the risk of prematurity. That is the babies delivering early. And there are a whole list of complications associated with that."
What will this large pool of twins mean to society? There are many who like to speculate.
Parents of twins can now increasingly request their children be placed in the same class together to increase academic performance. Dawn says she has already thought about that. " I think that will depend on them for the most part."
While there is no scientific evidence, some observe twins tend to excel in sports..take for instance the olympic gymnists the Hamm twins.
Studies show twins have a great sense of fairness. That could have an impact on future social policy and politics.
While its all great to contemplate, Dr. Harris says as a father of twins himself, his advise to parents is this:
" The babies themselves have different schedules and they really don't care about their bother or sister."