Missing Boaters Return to Campsite After Missing All Night At Pyramid

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Overnight, a group of two adults, a child and two dogs disappeared while camping at Pyramid Lake.

They were found safe this morning just after 4:00 am, near Whino Point at Pyramid Lake, their boat docked on shore.

When the family didn't return to camp after a day of boating, neighboring campers became concerned, and called police authorities.

Tribal police, search and rescue, and fire department units were on the scene at Pelican Point to begin the search. They had two boats on the lake, searching with full gear.

Police allegedly found personal items from the family at either the campsite or their vehicle, and then went to their home on Solari Drive. Their goal was to look for anything or anyone who might know anything about the boat or the family. Nothing turned up.

Athough the family is back on shore, details are still developing as to how this happened. Washoe County Search and Rescue says they had some sort of mechanical problems.