Reno 100-Year Growth Plan Delayed

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A regional agency has delayed action on a controversial 100-year growth plan for the Reno area until next year, citing concerns that it was prepared behind closed doors.
The Regional Planning Commission voted 7-1 Wednesday night to
send the proposal carving out 140,000 acres for development to a
technical committee for review.
Commission Chairman Fred Lokken said proposed amendments to the
Truckee Meadows Regional Plan would allow growth in areas more than
30 miles to the north of Reno and appeared to be driven by
developers and land owners.
He said the existing regional plan can accommodate growth for 25
to 50 years.
"This could be far bigger than anything we should put our arms
around, whether the law allows us to do this or not," Lokken said.
"I struggle for a legitimate role for this commission. I am not
sure we have a dog in this hunt."
Conservationists had opposed the plan, saying it would
contribute to sprawl and allow growth without sufficient water
Commissioner Marge Frandsen complained the public was left out
of the process.
The growth plan resulted from private negotiations among local
officials last fall. City and county planners said the settlement
would end years of lawsuits over annexations.
"This all happened in a courtroom or in a conference room
behind closed doors," Frandsen said. "They absolutely drew lines
in the sand without the knowledge of property owners involved."
Lokken was upset about the rush to get the amendments approved.
"This is the most politicized process I have dealt with," he
Lokken also said the plan went against 2002 revisions to the
regional plan. He said that plan is among the most innovative in
the nation for concentrating growth in certain areas and along
major corridors.