Sheep Wage War On Cheatgrass

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Carson City residents could see as many as one-thousand sheep
grazing the hillside slopes of the city's west side as early as
next week.
It's a re-introduction of the innovative fuel-reduction plan
that targets the highly flammable cheatgrass in the Waterfall Fire
burn area. It's expected to sprout any day.
Along with removing the grass, which starts out green, but
quickly turns dry and brown, the action of sheep's hooves also
helps break up the ground, which is unable to allow moisture to
percolate into the soil since the fire.
A 25-thousand-dollar contract with sheep rancher Ted Borda will
result in two herds of 500 being trucked from Elko for the
three-week banquet.
The sheep will chomp their way through a 400-foot-wide swath of
land from the back of C Hill north to just below Lakeview Estates.