White Power Groups Emerging

Hate Crimes
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Two white supremacist groups have stepped up recruitment efforts in Nevada, starting chapters following the National Alliance's battle last year over an anti-immigration billboard near the Las Vegas Strip.
Critics say emergence of the pro-Nazi National Socialist
Movement and a group called the Southern Nevada Skinheads is tied
to the billboard that read, "Stop Immigration - Join the National
Cynthia Luria of the Anti-Defamation League says the billboard
--quote-- "has become an icon in the white power movement."
The Southern Nevada Skinheads says it has organized a few events
in Las Vegas, including passing out fliers on Martin Luther King
Junior Day.
Anti-immigration fliers purportedly from the National Socialist
Movement were spread in Fallon, about 60 miles southeast of Reno,
last month, prompting complaints from more than a dozen residents.
The fliers decried Mexican immigrants and advocated rounding
them up and sending them back to Mexico.