Sen. Ensign Gets An Opponent

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U.S. Sen. John Ensign, R-Nev., has a challenger in the Republican primary, retired Chrysler Corp. supervisor Ed Hamilton who ran unsuccessfully for many offices in Michigan before moving to Las Vegas.
Since 1998, Hamilton, 63, ran twice for Michigan governor - once
as a Democrat and once as a Republican. He also staged bids for
Michigan's House of Representatives and Senate, the U.S. Senate and
Oakland, Mich., county executive.
In 2002, Hamilton ran simultaneously for U.S. Senate and
governor in Michigan, although he dropped out of the latter race
when he couldn't get enough signatures to make the primary ballot.
Hamilton, born in Indonesia to an American father and Indonesian
mother, said he's running as a peace candidate.
"I think we need a new strategy in Iraq, and no one is talking
about it," he said. "The Arabs need to work it out among
themselves. We need to pull back to a safe zone and be in a
supporting role to reduce casualties."
Hamilton hopes to give Ensign a fight in the primary. He said
the incumbent should face more than "a coronation process."