In their own words

the three defendants in the case, Thomas Grenados, Regina Rios and Esther Rios showed no sign of surprise when Judge Robe Willis ruled there was enough evidence in this case to hold them over for trial in district court.
It wasn't much of a surprise to prosecutor Noel Waters either "Under the law the defendants are entitled to the presumption of innocence. Its is up to the state to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Or they are entitled to go free. We fully expect to live up to our obligation."
In his closing arguments Waters told the judge this family thrived on its secrecy. But in taped testimony with detective David LeGros grandmother Esther and mother Regina Rios seemed to be pretty open with what was wrong with the 16-and eleven year old.
Grandmother Esther Rios told the detective the two children were retarded. That she was in charge of their feeding, their home schooling, and their emotional needs.
Esther Rios/January 19, 2006:" I am the one that has been trying to help her and assess. Yes, she needs a psychologist...there is no treatment for her. I am not going to hide anything. Everything is coming out, yes, I use to put them in the bathroom but only at night, and the reason for that is because of their habit. They use to go when everyone was sleeping they use to ravage through the whole kitchen."
Esther Rios says it was she who diagnosed the 16-year old with a condition called "rumination Syndrome."
In a later interview her daughter Regina, told the detective she believed her mother Esther that the 16-year old girl had an eating disorder. Regina says her other children didn't look like that.
Regina Rios/January 19, 2006: "They don't want to gain weight, and we can't live normal because it isn't normal."
That claim is contrary to testimony of the children's pediatrician Dr. Kathi Amhrein
" Neither one of these children had an aversion to food. In fact we couldn't feed them enough. They both thought they looked disgusting and horrible and they were too skinny."
Amrhein testfied the two children were so underweight and growth stunted that both would fall four levels below average on growth charts of children their own age.