State of the City Address

City of Sparks, Nevada
State Of The City
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In this speech, Mayor Martini outlined his nine priorities for the city of Sparks for the year. And they ranged greatly from improving public safety to attracting more special events.

The Mayor spent a good deal of time discussing economic stability and growth for the city; his second and third priorities. He cited several examples of new developments coming to the area and how the city and its residents will prosper from the diversification of the growth.

Flood control took priority number four. While Mayor Martini says the city -- quote -- "dodged a bullet" last week, he said there needs to be a final solution to the flood problem once and for all. And, that the new year's eve flood should serve as a wakeup call to that need.

All in all, there were no major surprises during this state of the city address. The mayor told us afterward that he was hoping to have an announcement about a new development project called "The Legends at Sparks Marina," but that will have to wait a few more days.