Democrats Gain in Nevada

CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) - New statewide voter registration numbers show that Democrats continue to gain ground over Republicans in Nevada.

According to the secretary of state's office, 55,560 more Democrats than Republicans are on the active voter rolls in Nevada as of the end of June. The gap widened from 50,020 in May and represents 5 percent of just over 1 million active voters.

"We have programs on the ground. We've been working very hard to spread the Republican message and register voters," said Zac Moyle, state GOP executive director. "We're disappointed by the numbers. We'd like to see an improvement. We have a few more months to do that, and that's what we're going to try to do."

Kirsten Searer, deputy executive director of the Nevada Democratic Party, noted that at this point in the last presidential election cycle, June 2004, Republicans had a 1 percent edge in voter registration.

"That's a 6-point shift in just one presidential cycle," she said. "I think it's fair to say this is a trend at this point. It's very good news for Democrats up and down the ballot, from Assembly and Senate all the way to Congress."

Saturday is the deadline to register to vote by mail. Eligible voters have until Oct. 4 to register to vote in the general election. In each case, there is a 10-day window past the deadline when Nevadans can still register by going to election departments in person.

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