A Second Chance

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"My first senior project was all about massage therapy. My mom has a lot of neck problems, so I wanted to learn, so I could help her with her problem. About a week after I heard about the kids, I decided it was time for a change and that I could do something that could really impact these kids' lives."

Erin Holderman, a Carson High School senior, said she was shocked by the testimony of a girl close to her age, who claimed horrific abuse by her family.
So, Erin decided her senior project, that focused on the art of massage therapy could actually be the way for many to help.

This Saturday afternoon, she arranged to have almost a dozen certified massage therapists available at the Carson Mall to use their skills and raise money.

"I think the community was really shocked, especially because we're a really tight knit and small community down in Carson. And, when they hear of their own two children being abused and allegedly locked in a bathroom, people were really impacted by it. For them to have a reason for them to help them is a really good idea."

Jennifer Tartan, one of her teachers and mentors for the senior project, says the entire school is talking about the case.
She says so many of the students realize the 16-year old should be sitting in class with them, but isn't.
This fundraiser, she says, is one way for the kids to express their support.

"I thought it was really great that someone her age can be thinking globally, in terms of what it can mean for the community and not just her because the senior project is a big part of what they're doing as seniors. It can get really overwhelming. Then, that she brought it back and showed how it can help the community and bring people together. I thought that was fantastic. I was very excited for her."

The fundraiser, called "Our Community, Our Family, Our Responsibility," is from ten to two this Saturday at the Carson City Mall.
A hundred percent of the massaging proceeds will go to the Second Chance fund set up by the Carson City Deputies Association.