Nugget Embezzlement

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It's really devastated people here at the Nugget.
Richard Davenport was in a position of trust.
To the Ascuaga's he was like a member of their family...yet, his attorney says he stole from them... and then lied about it for years.
Davenport worked as the Nugget's attorney since 1990.
He was fired last November, for allegedly embezzling money from the casino...*and from John Ascuaga himself.
Davenport's attorney says his client...had a serious gambling problem.
A problem that spanned decades.
Dunlap says it finally spiraled out of control...*once Davenport was in a position of money, and trust.
Prosecutors say, over 13 years, Davenport embezzled more than three million dollars.
According to a court affidavit, he had checks drawn for litigation claims...that were either still pending, had already been settled, or never existed.
The money was then deposited into his personal checking account.
Documents show Davenport even took money out of John Ascuaga's life insurance.

The Nugget released this statement:
"John Ascuaga's Nugget is pleased with this development, and look forward to letting the legal process run its course.
We compliment the authorities for their on-going diligence in the case, and appreciate their efforts.
We anticipate a satisfactory resolution."
Dunlap says his client has already made arrangements to pay back two million liquidating his family's assets.
He plans on paying back the rest of the money...over the next five years.