Imported Canadian Drug for Nevadans

A packed hearing room for the state board of pharmacy as members hashed out a way to get Canadian Drugs imported into our state.
Sponsor of the initial legislation Assemblywoman Barbara Buckley was happy with today's move, but also saddened by what it ultimatley means. " It is a shame that we have to go to Canadian pharmacies to get affordable drugs into our country, it is a disgrace."
The set up a state run website for Nevada residents to order Canadian Drugs from pharmacies approved by the board of pharmacy. Law makers approved the measure and it became law last October. But because that law read drugs had to be F-D-A approved meant it could not go forward. Drugs imported from Canada are by their very nature illegal according to the F-D-A.
in January despite objections by Nevada's Attorney General the pharmacy board voted by four to two to go ahead with the plan.
Today they fine tuned the regulation to allow for drugs both F-D-A and its Canadian equivalent --Health Canada to enter the state. The four pharmacies approved by the board of pharmacy to operate here have to follow certain guidelines unique to this program. Among other things they:
Can't sell generics if they aren't also available here in the U-S,
They must have available a toll free number and email address.
Counsel patients by phone]
They must counsel patients over the phone regarding their prescriptions,
\Contact Dr. when Rx questionable]
and contact the physician if the written prescription comes from anywhere else besides a doctor's office.
They cannot refer the patient to any other pharmacy that is not licensed by Nevada.
The board hoped such measures would help ensure the safety of these medications.
But that wasn't good enough for representatives of the Retail Association, Astra Zeneca Pharmaceuticals, or the Nevada Association of Drug Stores. Mary Staples testified on behalf of the Nevada Association of Drug Stores. "We agree with the attorney general and the food and drug administration, that this measure is illegal and unsafe.
What looked like a done deal became less so with the final vote to move forward.
The board was split three-three which meant the president Joe Kellogg had to break a tie.
He voted in favor of going through with the new regulations.
A final vote is slated for April 30th.