School Rezoning Upsets Some Parents

Washoe School Rezoning
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Starting next year your child may be going to a different school. The Washoe County School Trustees approved a major overhaul of the district by rezoning 21 elementary schools.
In all, nearly 13- thousand students were affected. From the "old" Southwest Reno to Sun Valley, children are on the move.
District administrators say it s an effort to make the schools less crowded, but not everyone is happy about it. Parents and their children packed into Traner Middle School Tuesday night to fight for where their kids go to school.
Back in the fall of 2004, administrators saw a serious problem with overcrowding that needed to be addressed. Two years later, they ve finally came up with a plan. So, by re-zoning 21 schools in Washoe County the district says it can save taxpayer money, by not having to build two "new" schools.
Some parents are concerned about childrens' safety. In North Valleys, the busses cross Sun Valley Boulevard, where a little girl was killed nearly three years ago. One parent says more kids walking that busy intersection to the bus stop is an accident waiting to happen.
There were parents at the meeting, happy about the changes, mainly, in the Newlands neighborhood of "old" Southwest Reno. That area is divided by two zoning boundaries. About ten students, on Ridge Street, attend Jessie Beck elementary on a variance. Yet, they re zoned for Mount Rose. Parents learned their kids will be able to stay put.