Nazi Fliers Found In Fallon

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More than a dozen Fallon residents complained to police over the weekend about racist literature left in their yards with apparent ties to the American Nazi Party.
Fallon Police Chief Russ Brooks says he's not aware of any white
supremacist groups operating in the city. He says the flyers
stating "America is for Americans Only" are not illegal because
they are protected as a form of free speech.
The flyers urge the closing of U-S borders to immigrants from
Mexico and suggests all Mexicans should return to Mexico.
The flyer includes a Web site that features swastikas and photos
of Adolf Hitler. It indicates it is affiliated with the American
Nazi Party: National Socialist Movement based in Minneapolis.
Brooks says it is the first time such material has turned up in
He says it could just be the result of youths passing them out
as a prank. But he says he would be concerned if there is actually
a hate group trying to organize in Fallon.