Jury Deadlocks In Candidate Dope Case

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A deadlocked Churchill County jury has ended the prosecution of a former candidate for the state Senate on charges he sold less than an ounce of marijuana to a police informant.
The jury was leaning eight-to-four toward acquittal but unable
to reach a unanimous verdict earlier this month in the case of John
K- O'Connor.
Deputy District Attorney Brandi Jensen says jurors could not
agree on whether O'Connor was "entrapped" by authorities to sell
less than 12 grams of marijuana to a confidential informant.
O'Connor unsuccessfully ran against Republican Senator Mike
McGinness of Fallon in 2004. He was arrested during the campaign
for an offense police said occurred in December 2003.
After deliberating for several hours over two days, the jury
foreman told District Court Judge Robert Estes that jurors were
hopelessly deadlocked.