Flood Preparations Continue

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"It's been pretty hectic. We've been pretty busy the last three days: stocking up on sandbags, hauling sand to the sites, and being ready. Just in general, being ready."
Dave Tallent, a public works supervisor with the city of Sparks, says they won't be caught off guard if the Truckee River starts to flood anytime this week.

All day Sunday, residents and business owners took advantage of the sandbag sites set up across Washoe County with a common attitude that they'd rather be safe, than sorry.

Vanissa Sullivan works at a local warehouse in the Sparks industrial area.
She says it was only the parking lot that flooded last tiem, but this time officials are telling them differently.
"Because they said it could make it into the building, so they told us to elevate everything by three feet. So, we're going to spend the day elevating everything in a huge warehouse."

Mariann LaMorte says not knowing about the flood potential cost them at least 50-thousand dollars in damage to their custom furniture warehouse, the water line still visible today after extensive cleanup.
"We had 16 inches of water throughout our whole shop and our business. We sustained quite a bit of damage to one of our machines, which was quite expensive. But, we didn't realize that this particular area was underwater in '97."
She says she would rather the water stay away, but she won't claim ignorance this time around.

Adam Mayberry, with the city of Sparks, says he hopes other business owners will take the same precaution.
"Quite frankly, we're operating under the assumption that there will be flooding and encourage all business owners and residents to take precautions. Some of that includes the sandbagging operations you see going on. We have 15 sites, three of which are 24-7."

Three sandbag locations will stay open 24 hours a day until further notice at 1755 Purina Way, Shelly Park off Baring Blvd, and this one here at Standford and Coney Island.