Flood Preparations

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The owners of the Grinder's Switch deli, in Sparks, have decided to barricade themselves in from any potential flood water.
But, they're not the only ones preparing for the water."

The night before the rain started falling causing the New Year's Eve flood, the Reno Fire Department issued a press release stating: "Major flood not anticipated.... and it went on to quote, 'There are no predictions of any significant flooding along the Truckee or Walker rivers..."

Yet, even that prediction itself proved not to be true, and it happened very quickly.

It happened so fast that, even Adam Mayberry with the city of Sparks, admits most of the area was taken aback at how fast the water rose.
"The New Year's Eve flood, quite frankly, we all went to bed thinking that at minimum we'd have isolated flooding. That clearly wasn't the case. We were taken by surprise."

But, this time Geno Martini, the mayor of Sparks, wants to make it very clear: it's everyone's responsibility to be prepared now because of the advance warning.
"We're asking everyone who was impacted by the flood last time to get prepared. The city has 15 different locations around the city where you can get sandbags. So, we're asking them to be prudent about this. Get out early, get the sandbags ready in case it floods because it looks like it may."

Sparks resident, Judy Ray, says this time she will heed a warning because the last flood cost her several hundred dollars in damage to her home.
"The last flood caught us by... we just didn't know it was coming. It just came so fast. I was lucky to get my car to high ground and I want to protect my property. And, when they say there's a warning out, I'm going to heed it and I'm going to take advantage of anything I can."

Sparks officials hope Ray is not the only one listening.
The traffic was slow at most of the 15 sandbag stations across the city Saturday afternoon, some even telling us they hadn't had one visitor all morning.
But, the clean-up continues and while the river banks are still muddy, businesses that creep up too close to the river are taking precautions.
This is a good sign, according to the Mayor.

"Last time we were accused, maybe of not getting the word out quick enough... which, we got the word out as quick as we could, so we want to be as far ahead of this event as we can."