New Flood Worries

New Flood Fears
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Heavy rains and warm weather hitting a healthy snowpack could be the perfect recipe for another flood which could be hitting us in just a few days. Several businesses in Sparks are using this weekend to get prepared.
After hearing that leaders from Reno, Sparks, and Washoe County held an emergency management meeting this morning store owners aren t taking any chances. What came out of the conference call was a chance of flooding, with the Truckee River expected to rise.
City managers are most concerned with the businesses in the Sparks Industrial Area. During the New Year s eve flood, they received two inches of rain..And, what the National Weather Service is predicting doesn t make her feel any better.
Meteorologists expect small stream flooding, in places like Steamboat Creek, and minor flooding along the Truckee River in East Sparks. ".
The National Weather Service models show the storm arriving late Sunday night...but dumping most of the rain Monday morning. Flooding, if any, would happen late Monday or early Tuesday. .
As a precaution sandbags will be available to all residents of the Reno/Sparks area starting tomorrow. You can pick up the materials all weekend from seven A-M to Four P-M. Log onto our website for a complete list of locations, www.K-O- L-O-T-V-dot-co m.