Hiler Killer Parole Turned Down

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Convicted murderer Michael Anselmo has been urned down in his first bid for a parole after serving more than 30 years in prison for killing co-worker Trudy Ann Hiler at a Lake Tahoe casino.
State Parole Board spokesman David Jones says Anselmo, now 53,
was told by board members that he can try again in three years for
a parole from the murder conviction.
Jones adds that the board decided against a parole now because
of the nature and severity of the crime. Panel members also said
continued imprisonment is warranted to protect the public from
further criminal activity.
Even if he gets a parole from the murder conviction in late 2008
or early 2009, Anselmo would still have to serve at least two more
years on a separate conviction for a 1976 escape before seeking a
second parole that would return him to the streets.