Washoe Leads In Flu Cases

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The number of confirmed cases of the flu is up statewide, with Washoe County leading the way.
The state health division said there have been 558
laboratory-confirmed cases of the flu since October, up from the
statewide toll of 289 in February of last year.
More than 220 of the cases are in Washoe County. Clark County
has about 160.
The state's only flu death was reported in Clark County.
The health division said statewide cases are declining, except
for increased influenza activity in Carson City, Douglas and Lyon
The number of cases peaked at Christmas time, according to
Martha Framsted, the state health division's spokeswoman.
This has been a typical year for seasonal influenza," Framsted
said. "Because we know the virus can still be circulating through
March and even into April, it's important for people to continue to
take preventative measures. Cover your mouth and nose when you
cough or sneeze, wash your hands often, exercise and get plenty of
The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported
an increase in influenza activity, primarily in the eastern half of
the country.
Thirteen states, including Colorado and Wyoming, reported
widespread influenza activity. Nevada was among 11 states that
reported only regional influenza activity.