Child Starvation Hearing Opens

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A psychologist has testified at a hearing for three adults accused of starving two children and locking them up for years that the victims faced --quote-- "an extreme level of deprivation."
Dr. Gregory Giron (jeer-OHN') was the leadoff witness at a
preliminary hearing for the children's grandmother, Esther Rios,
their mother, Regina Rios, and the mother's boyfriend, Tomas
Justice of the Peace Robey Willis must decide whether to bind
over the three for a District Court trial on six felony counts
The charges include two counts of child abuse, two counts of
child neglect and two counts of false imprisonment. The three are
accused of locking Regina Rios' 16-year-old daughter and
11-year-old son in the bathroom and starving them.
When the children were discovered January 19th, they appeared to
be half their ages. The girl weighed 41 pounds and her brother 31