Starved Children Released from Hospital

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Two Carson City children, allegedly locked in a bathroom for five years, have been released from the hospital.
And, tomorrow...prosecutors will try and prove their mother, stepfather, and grandfather were responsible.
Sheriff Ken Furlong says the children are doing well...considering what they've gone through.
He says they were strong enough to leave the hospital tonight, and be placed with child and family services.
The sheriff says the next step is preparing them to take the witness stand.
These graphic evidence the deplorable conditions the 16-year-old girl and her 11-year-old brother had to live in for five years.
The cabinet, underneath the sink, where the boy allegedly slept.
A bowl of food fit for a small pet...which prosecutors say they ate from.
Yet, there was a fully-stocked fridge...just on the other side of the bathroom door.
Amazingly, sheriff Ken Furlong's the emotional wounds which are going to take longer to heal.
The sheriff says keep in mind, a month ago, the daughter weighed 41 pounds...and the brother, just 31 pounds.
Deputies didn't believe the girl, when she first told them her age...after she was found pushing a shopping cart full of food.
But Furlong says its important those in the courtroom understand what they went through.
That case officially begins Friday morning...when the children's mother, Regina Rios, their stepfather, Tomas Granados, and their grandmother, Esther Rios, have their preliminary hearing on child abuse and false imprisonment charges.
At this point both children are expected to testify...and even with the overwhelming evidence, the sheriff says their testimony could decide the verdict in one of Carson City's worst cases of child neglect.