Anesthesiologist May be required to conduct executions

Dr. Andrew Wesely is a local anesthesiologist who specializes in pain. Just the kind of expert the federal judge was looking for in the Morales Case. According to the Judge an anesthesiologist needs to be on hand to make sure a condemned inmate feels no pain at the time of execution.
" The technology is there where we could render somebody unconscious and free from pain and free from awareness to undergo a surgical procedure that is very painful. The same technology could be applied to a condemned person unconscious and free of pain for an execution. But the apt to use that technology and application is not something most physicians would be comfortable with."
Bio ethicist Craig Klugman says its those types of observations that have been circulating on emails back and forth among professionals in his field
"ou are taking this person and using his expertise to save life to end life and that is inheritly unprofessional and against what the profession stands for."
This issue was only fueled by a recent Lancet Medical Journal which shows 43-percent of prisoners were not given enough anesthesia to knock them out...meaning they were in extreme pain as the execution was being carried out.
Dr. Klugman says while there may be plenty of California doctors willing to participate in executions...those doctors may be putting their license at risk if they violate their state's licensing board code of ethics.
Here in Nevada the state board has no Code of Ethics..but is currently working on one. Dr. Wesely says there needs to be more public debate as to what role doctors will play when it comes to executions. He foresees a time when it might be much like the abortion issue, where some doctors will perform them, and others will not--which will no doubt affect the public perception of certain physicians and may well impact their private practice.