Making Music

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"They are the most gifted music students that have come through my program in 20 years of teaching," says their teacher, Janet Toti.

Individually, they are exceptional.
Together, they're inspiring.

The sound heard now began years ago, long before most kids even think about picking up an instrument.
They all credit mom and dad for painful practice time that has since paid off.

16 year old, Bryan Chuan, has actually been called a child prodigy.
"I first tried to play when I was five years old. My mom tried to introduce me to elementary stuff, but I didn't really start to take it seriously until I was six years old."

17 year old Christopher Lin-Brande plays the violin.
He says he cannot imagine life without music.

"My parents made me practice at first. It wasn't that I didn't like it. But, after that I started getting better and my teacher pushed me a lot. I really started enjoying it a lot after that."

17 year old Tim Woodard is the cello player in this trio, and he says he knows he is playing with two other very talented musicians.
"My mom started to force me to play the cello until I was about 12. And then about 12 and it started to be a thing where I enjoyed it."

Now teenagers, the three still have another year left in high school, but Toti aspirations of playing beyond school are closer to being a reality.
"These students, by this point, are self-directed. I don't really teach them much anymore. I just function as their booking agent for performances around town."

Each student agrees, they hope others are enjoying the music too.
"I hope they're inspired by the passion we have for our music and the amount of work we put into it is incredible."