Vegas Victim From Reno

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Friends and co-workers of Phil McElreath says he was a great guy and easy to work with.
Everyone says they are still a little shocked the more they learn about the 6-hour stand-off in a Las Vegas Hotel and Casino that killed McElreath.

22-year old Curtis Bonilla of Las Vegas is being charged with attempted murder, three counts of attempted murder of a police officer and for the murder of McElreath.
According to news reports out of Vegas, McElreath was first seen by a security employee bleeding inside his Harrah's hotel room on the 20th floor.
Bonilla, also in the room, was shooting at anyone who tried to enter.

Three floors were evacuated during the early morning stand-off as police attempted to get Bonilla out of the room, eventually he surrendered after reports say police blasted out the 20th story window and stormed the room.
Police say McElreath made it to the hallway and was removed by police, but he later died at the hospital from gunshot wounds.

McElreath's doctor in Reno, Dr. Rick McElreath, says it was tough hearing the news about his death.
"The coroner's office in Las Vegas contacted my wife to see if we might be related because they were looking for relatives they could identify."

Despite the same last name, Dr. McElreath says the two probably weren't related.
But, had recently been in touch to determine whether they were family or not.

"Phil McElreath probably called me about six months ago. He made an appointment to see me then, but didn't keep that appointment and we talked for 30 minutes or so because our names are the same and we wondered if there was any relationship."

He says McElreath reminded him that his father had actually contacted him about ten years ago to figure out the name coincidence, but neither learned anything.
Dr. McElreath says it's really disappointing now because they might never know if they really were family.

"It turns out that most of my father's family is back in Oklahoma and he had family in Oklahoma. So, we thought their might be a family relationship, it's a fairly uncommon name. But, when we tried to find any common relationship, we couldn't do it."

The city of Reno declined any comment on camera about McElreath and the co-workers we spoke with on the street said they all appreciated his positive attitude.